Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Actually, there was a second fall. A month after Figero first sent me flying, I decided to try again. I rationalized all the first missteps -- his and mine. There were too many distractions then. This time would be different. I was wrong. Instantly, he reared again, and I decided to exit. I rolled off him and hit the ground rolling. No damage, this time, not to my body anyway. But faith in myself and in him evaporated. From then on, I rode only with someone else and then only with a line attached to his halter. Three years of that taught neither of us anything. It wasn't fun either.

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  1. He has to love you before he can loose the fear. Gently rub him with your hands. When you do, talk softly to him. It doesnt matter what you say. Focus most of your time on his head behind the ears and his neck and chest. Then work slowly down the sides and back. Watch his ears. You will know when he is listening. When your finished, walk him with a halter. Hold the rope tight so he can touch your back or shoulder. As time passes give him more rope. When he walks of his own accord close enough to touch your back or nuzzle your shoulder, he should be ready. It will take time and patience for it to work but the reward will be well worth it.

    Your old friend Agnes